The Zria'sedir?

Scene #: 
Saturday, September 26, 2268
  • Dorian get ahead of the rest and enters the village before the other 2 are spotted.
  • She makes a deal with one of the villagers and is given a female body, the Zria'sedir?
  • The woman stirs just as Protaus is spotted entering the village and is mistaken for an HK. The village panics and flees from Protaus. The woman jumps to defend Dorain from Protaus.
  • Sweetums enters the village roaring like an enraged bull.
  • The villagers abandon their homes and flee.
  • The woman, Kendle, is known to Blaze, Dorian and Sweetums. And she also has a rebel medallion.
  • Kendle tells of how her cell was all killed when an HK exploded, something not taugh in the teams basic training.
  • Sweetums leaves find out where the villagers went and to make sure that they are OK.
  • Protaus has a dispute with Kendle and Dorian, which prompts Kendle to leave them.