Welcome To The Fight

Scene #: 
Friday, July 31, 2268
  • The Runners are given the following information by Henson, one of the Resistance leaders:

"Ok, the scanners all say that you're historic humans... but some of you've got enough metal in you to almost classify as modern bioroids, so you can see why we had to be absolutely certain that you weren't Zria'sedir hunter-killers.

What are Zria'sedir?! Man you guys really are from the history books... Sit down and I'll try to give you the condensed version..."

...Time Passes, as you all settle down and he starts to tell you what you've missed in the last couple of hundred years...

"Ok let's see, where to begin...

Some time in the 22nd century we really screwed up. The space explorer ship "Star Diver" found something out in deep space, a derelict probe, and brought it back to earth. Everyone went wild, humanity finally had proof that it wasn't alone in the universe, but soon everyone would be cursing the name "Star Diver".

Oh, we saw them coming, one lone ship, but that lone ship was the size of the moon and within its holds was our doom. First the Io moon science station went silent; people just figured it was a tech glitch, because why would anyone come all this way just to blast us, right?!

WRONG! Nobody thought that aliens would come to Earth, as the Europeans had come to the New World, to explore, settle & conquer. And conquer they did, wiped out the Mars Colonies as they passed by, didn't even slow down, just blap, shot some weird silvery mist into the atmosphere and that was the last we ever heard from them.

Then it was Mother Earth's turn, it figures that the planet would unite just in time to get its ass kicked! The Heavy Hitters launched everything they had, to no avail; all it did was help that ship slow down faster.

Then the Sentinels came, swooping down on every major city, using their plasma weapons to scour us off the face of the planet. Almost worked too, except that some inventor dude from Canucksville figured out a way to hamper their movement, giving our forces a small equalizer. We started taking some areas back, like this place. We found that if we stayed deep underground they didn't bother us, guess we just weren't worth the effort, or so we thought!

After a couple of years they came down with small Seeker Class hunter-killers. The things were hard to spot, hell they're the size of a small cat, but easy enough to destroy. Then came the next wave, the bioroids, they looked, smelled, moved and acted like us. These damn things would join with a small band & befriend them, traveling with them for a year or so before going off, killing everyone in the area. After that they hunt down every other group that they had contact with. Really hard to spot & a bitch to frag!"

He continues on, with how the last remnants of humanity is hold up in various bases around the Americas. It's also very obvious that they don't know if anyone survived anywhere else, as he admits to not having the ability to get off the continent.