Trying To Stay Alive

Scene #: 
Sunday, July 5, 2268
  • The area the Runners are in looks like a 'burb gone to jungle. There's still a lot of FerraCrete (A very tough metal alloy/concrete substance) roads & sidewalks left mostly undamaged, but the jungle is growing in over it, slowly pushing through the bombed out building and onto the roadways.
  • Those with military experience notice: Evidence that a large-scale urban war was waged on the streets, there are craters and balistic damage everywhere, (think Beirut) with energy weapons thrown into the mix.
  • Those with wilderness survival or skills that relate to plants and animals notice: A very odd mix of vegetation. There is foliage from all over the planet and some other very different, very alien looking stuff as well. The alien stuff makes up about 5% of what can be seen.
  • After a few hours the Runners found shelter in a mostly intact building, with the following placard:

TerraBanks Combine
Night City Secure Depository # 15
"You can rest easy knowing your property is safe within our vaults."
10409 Eastern Ave., Night City, CA, ISA
(ISA = Incorporated States of America)

  • Soon afterwords they find themselves hunted by gigantic Komodo Dragons, roughly 40' long and 8' tall.