Old Friends!?

Scene #: 
Sunday, November 15, 2268
  • On being released from quarantine they found themselves in a Shard Industries facility, being talked at by it's computer interface, which called itself Nathan/Shard.
  • Aini found out that she was a full conversion Borg, the information staggered her.
  • Shard informed them that "This place was a secret lab of some sort, I've got some automations that I can control, such as a med lab and the bots that clean the place, basically I'm the maintenance and security system... I can run the whole place and turn things on and off... but that's about it... Oh, and I can access some of the data here... and some other remote locations..."
  • They are introduced to K-9, a small maintenance droid, that leads them into a large medical bay, it was fully shut down and prepped for storage.
  • The teams started to search the facility in earnest, looking for Shard's BioPod, and anything else that might tell then what was actually going on in the here and now.
  • Shard tells them that there was an Armoury there and a Vehicle Bay elsewhere in the city that he had access to.
  • Blaze, Kendle and Sweetums go gun crazy.
  • Aini diagnosed and prepped Sweetums for a retrofit/makeover with Dorian help.
  • Khillian and Lara hacked into the system to get Shard and themselves full access.