Making The Best Of A Bad Situation

Scene #: 
Sunday, July 5, 2268
  • One of the lizards managed to break into the building and through the valiant efforts of first Sweetums, and then the rest, it is killed.
  • The other lizards drag the dead one out, and eat it, forgetting about the Runners.
  • Dorian returned from upstairs, her only find was an old toolbox with some tools in it and a rough map that may lead them somewhere useful.
  • While Aini treated the injured, she found out that she had some new systems she didn't remember having in the Then.
  • Blaze goes outside to scout around.
  • HammerHand gave Aini an old PDA, he found in the Cryo-prison, which turns old to be her's.
  • Sweetums got hungry and headed out, the rest followed.