Scene #: 
Friday, December 11, 2268
  • Nicole went off to visit with the Wild Kat Clan members that are said to live in this Clanhold.
  • Valoree gives the team a tour of the public areas of the Clanhold. Valoree described her home to them, telling them about how, far in the past, Nomad Clans purchased decommissioned missile silos and then built them into strongholds and places of refuge.
  • Sweetums is recognized by the Clanhold's children and a giant songfest happened.
  • The team is assigned to Bunkhouse C42
  • Rat finally starts to feel safe, and stopped stealing things to make into weapons. Kendle gives him a gun.
  • Nicole returns to the bunkhouse.
  • Blaze is wheeled into the bunkhouse by Aini, still wounded, but healing.
  • The Nomads make a Sweetums sized bed.
  • Aini knocked out Rat and took him away for immediate surgery.
  • Sweetums left to take a walk around the Clanhold.
  • Rat returned from surgery and flirted with Kendle, while doing so, remembers some of his past.
  • Blaze needed to get out, to find the truth of the Clanhold. He Ghosted into one of the restricted areas. He made his way to the Command and Control centre to watch and learn. They had technology that was hidden from the public areas and sophisticated communications. They talked, over highly encrypted lines, to others including one that was near the Moon. He was caught by Mech, but allowed to return to the bunkhouse.