The Fall - Part 3

Scene #: 
Thursday, December 10, 2268
  • Arrival at the last campsite before getting to see the Elders.
  • Kendle gave Rat the lowdown on what Nomads and Elders are.
  • Back at the Bunker, the team there was cracking encrypted communications that were being picked up by the perimeters monitors.
  • The team was secretly monitored for the rest of the day into the night by Elders and other Nomads.
  • The Nightstalkers and Elders confront the team from the shadows beyond the firelight.
  • Kendle is able to correctly recall the proper names and signs of the Chrome Rippers.
  • The wounded, except for Rat are whisked away to be tended.
  • The Elder, Mech, waited for the group that stayed with Rat with a wagon to carry them to the Clanhold.