The Fall

Scene #: 
Tuesday, December 8, 2268
  • Flashback of Shard retaking an underground sub-station for the Chrome Rippers.
  • The team successfully setup the 1km and 10 km perimeters and made it back to the tree for the rendezvous.
  • Valoree showed up and stated "hear the decree of the Clan Elders. If you wish to know of the Clans then you must surrender yourselves to me, here and now without further questions, otherwise begone from this area and do not return to our lands."
  • After discussing what surrender meant, the team agreed.
  • 6 Clansmen take their weapons and gear.
  • The team is loaded into a six-horse-team wagon, where 6 more Clansmen and a score of big dogs, maybe wolves guards it.
  • Rat is brought to the same loading area and joined the team on their wagon.
  • Aini aided one of the Clanmen, who had a long gash down his leg.
  • Rat and Kendle spar.