Basic Needs - Part 2

Scene #: 
Friday, November 27, 2268
  • The team had the 500m perimeter up and had made it to the first location for the 10km perimeter.
  • They encountered a biped, hidden a few hundred meters away, up in a tree. It was smallish, maybe around the size of Kendle herself, but it looked more like an ape or gorilla as it seemed to be covered in a mottled fur.
  • The animal was a small woman, dressed in fur clothes and had tribal-like tattoos and markings on her face.
  • The woman woke up and with a shout of "You will not TAKE me! We of the Clans know what comes out from the Cities." she took down Blaze, HammerHand and Nicole before scuttling out of the teams grasp.
  • Sweetums managed to jump on top of her, but she grabbed his groin and slammed her feet into his throat to escape him, only to get tranq'ed by Aini seconds later.
  • Kendle hogties her and just as Sweetums is about to pick her up, she woke up again.
  • The woman, Valoree, a free woman of the Clans, threaten the team with 'Vengeance Seekers'.
  • Kendle and Nicole use Clan handjive to establish that they were also Clan members.
  • Valoree, once her hands are freed, did likewise, then stated: "I will leave you now, and you will return here to this tree, in 10 days. If you truly are Clan, you will respect this and know that I can reveal nothing more until the Elders have decided what to do." With that said, she left.