The Bank Heist

Scene #: 
Tuesday, November 10, 2268
  • The teams made it to the TerraBanks Depository and then split up to search the place.
  • Finding a crawlspace on the second floor, the teams head into it and found a large vault door, with a powered camera high up in the corner looking down at you.
  • Kendle knocked on the door, the camera scanned the team, then the door opened to reveal a long corridor that ended in another door.
  • That door opened to reveal a Hazmat Level 5 Decon chamber. The Vault was no vault, it must be a lab to have that kind of equipment.
  • The team moved into the chamber and was Decontaminated and sampled, and then declared 'cleared of biogenic and nano-phage agents.'
  • They were then subjected to a 5 day Quarantine, in a room adjacent to the chamber.