And You're Off!

Scene #: 
Saturday, August 1, 2268
  • The 'Sarg' trains the Runners for the next 7 weeks:

Week 1: Given what information they have on the HKs and the very, very, sketchy details that they have on the Zria'sedir.
Week 2,3: Trained in how to use, strip down and make ammo for the weapons available.
Week 4,5: Learn how to fight, and survive an encounter with the various creatures and people that are out there.
Week 6: Learn about the flora and fauna that exists. This includes what to eat, what to avoid and what can be used to survive. The team now has the basics and enough know-how to get around and survive topside, IF they are careful.
Week 7: Rest and recuperate from the last 6 gruelling weeks. Those who weren't in good shape are now in decent shape.