Lost In Time



You awake to the taste of cold, flat, stale air. Your eyes refuse to work so you must blindly grope around to feel your environment. You seem to be encased in some sort of tube and are strapped down, from head to toe, to a slab of metal so cold it's hot. Your bladder suddenly goes into overdrive, screaming for release. You futilely struggle to get out, worming & twisting, trying to move. You have no clue as to how you got here. After a few moments, spots start to dance in front of your unseeing eyes, your need to pee forgotten, as the need for air burns in your lungs. Just as you feel yourself start to black out, a grating noise erupts all around you; suddenly you're falling.


You crash onto a debris-filled floor. Unconsciousness claims you.


...Time passes...


The sounds of sneezing and coughing fits wakes you, reflexively you draw a deep breath of your own, only to cough & sneeze it back out as you inhale ancient dust & grit. Your eyes try to water, stinging with the crud of too long a sleep. You go to move; the pain of pins & needles wrack every millimetre of your body! Slowly, ever so slowly, you finally manage to move without too much pain; your vision also clears up enough to see. As your eyes adjust fully to the darkness, you take in your surroundings.

You are in an open-concept styled room, small glowing LEDs and panels give off a faint light; it looks eerily like a ripperdoc's operating room, only on a much larger scale. You see other humanoid forms moving around. They seem to be suffering from the same disorientation as yourself. An icy chill in the air causes you to shiver, teeth chattering, you try to cover up, only to find that your sole possession is a tattered gauze medical jumpsuit, with snapped off tubes here and there. One of the other forms moves through a set of swing-doors, dim light rushes in from the room beyond.

Not seeing anywhere else to go, you follow.

The source of this room's light comes from old, cracked, barely functioning, light panels, the most you can make out is shadowy outlines of each other. As you take in this room, you see a faded, bronze, dust covered plaque to the right of the doors you just left, after a few moments of rubbing it you can finally read it.

Cryo-Freeze Penal Cells
Block C-24 to C-48
Beta Test Facility

Someone else has found a faltering digital clock that reads:

Friday, July 03, 2268, 07:35:24pm


...Welcome to Earth, 2268...


Within this area you will find the Character Bios and Adventure Logs of a valiant group of Night City Edgerunners and their allies in the distant future of 2268!