Apocalyptic Future SIM looking for new 'Runners

Welcome To CyberPunk 2268.

Does the thought of Cyberware and Weapons thrill you?

Do you have the Edge needed to stay alive in a world gone crazy?

Not sure what's wrong with toting a big gun down a main street?


Our Apocalyptic Future SIM is looking for a few hearty souls.

We're a CyberPunk Sim that's been around since Feb 1, 2001.  (Based on the Cyberpunk 2020 RPG)

What we're looking for:

- Enthusiastic mature1 writers to take over existing characters or create new characters to fit into the story so far.
- Able to post consistantly to our forum and join in on the bi-weekly Live YIM conference.

Don't be shy! Create a new account and then contact us with your 'Runner (character) concept!


So, The Story So Far:

12 Runners from the mean streets of Night City in 2026 find themselves in 2268.  The world they knew is gone.  The city is destroyed and the only things left are nightmares even the Corps couldn't have dreamt up.

In nothing but shredded neon penal-medical jumpsuits they manage to survive long enough to meet up with The Underground; a rag tag group of survivors fighting to regain the high tech world they once controlled.

Told about alien invaders, called Zria'sedir, who have enslaved the world, the Runners sign up to take back their planet.

On their very first mission they run into one of the the Zria'sedir's weapons.  Hunter-Killer robots similar to the old Terminator flatVids they watched as kids.  Scared to hell and all nearly killed, they manage to win the day.  When they dissect the body of a dead Zria'sedir, they find that it's just a normal human with LiveMetal cyberware.

Did the Underground lie to them?  Are the Zria'sedir even real?  Join us and find out!


What does mature means to us:

  • You need to be able to write in the English language, with a reasonable level of writing skill.

Expected to show that you can follow basic grammar and spelling.  You should know what 'third person', 'past tense' and 'narrative style' writing is.

  • You need to be at least 21 years or older to apply.

This does NOT mean that the writing is outrageously sleazy or gory.  It simply means that some written content may be considered to be inappropriate, by international law, to those under the age of majority.