Apocalyptic Future SIM looking for new 'Runners

Welcome To CyberPunk 2268.

Does the thought of Cyberware and Weapons thrill you?

Do you have the Edge needed to stay alive in a world gone crazy?

Not sure what's wrong with toting a big gun down a main street?


Our Apocalyptic Future SIM is looking for a few hearty souls.

We're a CyberPunk Sim that's been around since Feb 1, 2001.  (Based on the Cyberpunk 2020 RPG)

What we're looking for:

- Enthusiastic mature1 writers to take over existing characters or create new characters to fit into the story so far.
- Able to post consistantly to our forum and join in on the bi-weekly Live YIM conference.

Don't be shy! Create a new account and then contact us with your 'Runner (character) concept!

Scene Synopsis

The following pages are a bulleted synopsis of the completed scenes for the CP2268 SIM.

NB: Scenes that span multiple dates are broken down into parts based on the dates.

There are also Spoilers within these pages, so read ahead at your own risk!

Lost In Time



You awake to the taste of cold, flat, stale air. Your eyes refuse to work so you must blindly grope around to feel your environment. You seem to be encased in some sort of tube and are strapped down, from head to toe, to a slab of metal so cold it's hot. Your bladder suddenly goes into overdrive, screaming for release. You futilely struggle to get out, worming & twisting, trying to move. You have no clue as to how you got here. After a few moments, spots start to dance in front of your unseeing eyes, your need to pee forgotten, as the need for air burns in your lungs. Just as you feel yourself start to black out, a grating noise erupts all around you; suddenly you're falling.


You crash onto a debris-filled floor. Unconsciousness claims you.

'Runner Auditions

So, you've decided that you are a 'Runner and not a Corporate Drone!

Well then, show us your stuff!


Based losely off the CyberPunk 2020 RPG
Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyberpunk_2020

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